Indiana Trails Fund in conjunction with the Nickel Plate Trail purchased the former Pandhandle Railroad right-of-way in 2015-2016.  This property runs between Converse and Bunker Hill.  The trail would run through Converse, Amboy, North Grove, McGrawsville, Loree, and Bunker Hill.  The Maconaquah Panhandle Trail would be a roughly 13 mile trail connecting the Nickel Plate Trail in Bunker Hill to the Converse Junction Trail in Converse.  From there, a connection could be made to the Sweetser Switch Trail and beyond to the Cardinal Trail.  With the exception of a gap on the Cardinal between Gas City and Gaston, the resulting trail network would provide a dedicated trail for travelers on the American Discovery Trail from Richmond to Rochester, which has been a long term goal for trail planners in Indiana.  The Maconaquah Panhandle Trail would be one of the key connecting trails linking two of the most impressive trails in Indiana; the Cardinal and the Nickel Plate Trail.

Indiana Trails Fund is seeking donations to help build the trail, however there is currently a delay in building the trail between Converse and Bunker Hill because of a lawsuit over concerns about land ownership.  Indiana Trails Fund hopes to make an announcement once the problem has been resolved and trail construction can commence.  Stay Tuned for further updates!