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Incorporated April 8th, 1994

Purpose to fundraise, acquire land (at scrap value), hold land, develop local group if necessary, have the local group buy us out at a discount from appraised value, invest the money in a permanent endowment, from which a portion of the yields would be gifted to other trail groups to improve their trails, and about 2009 Indiana Trails from being land heavy to being cash heavy and in 2011 created a permanent endowment to help other trails.

ITF has helped protect about 145 miles of railroad and/or towpath right-of-ways.  Of the 145 miles ITF has railbanked about 100 miles using a special form of federal law to preserve rail corridors.  The railbanking was carried out via at least 6 transactions. ITF has incubated more than 7 local trail groups.

ITF conservatively used $330,000 to build 10 miles of the Milwaukee Road Transportation Trailway with much volunteer assistance