Protecting Funds

To accomplish this purpose, the ITF holds several accounts which are set up for various objectives.  One objective is to hold the money, which ITF earned by selling land to local trail groups, and investing this money into a permanent endowment.  Each year, the endowment takes the dividends and interest income out of the account, breaks it into three parts:  one part is to pay the ITF for administration costs, the second part is to reinvest the funds back into the endowment to grow the endowment and the third part is distributed to trail groups to grow and improve hiking, bicycling, and horseback riding and paddling opportunities in which for people to engage.

The second objective is to hold in an account for designated money.  Through this, ITF can segregate money which groups give to us to spend on specifically designated purposes.

The third objective is to have an account which generally handles operating funds.